About the company

NewAge Solar is one of the Major Solar Solutions Provider in India. We aim to completely change the way Solar Energy is perceived by Industries as well as Individuals. Completely centered to providing Residential & Commercial Solar Products. Established by specialists from Power, Finance, Marketing & Service Products Industry, we seek to deliver superior & cost-efficient solar power solutions to households, businesses, other commercial & Social entities.
Every state and territory in India are home to our network of customers. We provide renowned, high-quality solar brands along with 24/7 customer support.

Aim of the company

To create a greener planet, NewAge Solar is dedicated to fostering growth via education and promotion of renewable sources of energy.
To create a portfolio of renewable energy assets of the highest calibre to dominate the globe. To contribute to the energy transformation by offering cutting-edge solutions for our clients. To establish a culture of excellence by completing all of our operations in a secure and efficient manner.